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The Script

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

At first I thought I'd make it as mini series. I had content for about 8 episodes, 7 to 10 minutes each.

Having it this short made it extremely easy getting feedback from friends and fast. Which helped me tweak it as I continued writing. Before long I had a very rough first draft - definitely not good writing, but the story was there.

For the second draft, I cut out the fat and combined a few characters, deleted a few and created a new one.

After 5 drafts, it turned into 50 pages, not in episodes any more. It's still bad, it still needs a lot of work, BUT it's something I can work with and I'll continue and improve it as I learn the basics of animation.

I still can't draw and I still don't know how to animate, but the script is here. Just drop me a message, I'm happy to send it over.

Time for writing the first draft - 3 weeks.

Time for finishing the final draft - undefined.

Ash And The Omen - Draft 9 - Available on request

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