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Ah, the drawing. As much as I tried to dodge this part... evade... delay... never do...

Since Tony and I joined forces, I needed a way to make it visual for her. But how??

There is this amazing software, made just for screenwriters - Storyboarder. It allows one to import the script and draw the scenes. They are then exported as pictures of gifs. Here's the opening scene of the film. Ouch. I know.

These 3 scribbles took me took me about half an hour to, scribble... Yes, I'm this slow, even with the help of a graphic tablet.

Storyboarder is worth trying out, but I needed another solution.

Remember Unity and that tool for creating 2D customised characters? Character Creator 2D by mochakingup ( . It can create animations from the characters. Meaning, I could pick a pose that sort of matched what I needed and slap it into an environment, which sort of matched. And that, using Gimp or even the all mighty Paint! And here it is - An image of a dragon skull, an image of a glove (copied in twice) and some rocky background. Much better and much faster!

In no time, I had the First Sequence of the film in a story board. Some text on the side, careful with the naming of each picture, send to our discord server and Tony could finally have visuals.

Not great, but certainly not horrible.

And before long we had our very first attempt at actually animating the opening scene! Storyboards are important and yes! they can be done without any skill in drawing.

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