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It's not a one dog show

I met Tony Fenton on a writing site. Our writing styles instantly clicked and in the span of a year or so we created 2 amazing stories together. When we grew bored from one, we started a new one. This of course fired up a friendship that extended beyond the writing community we are both part of.

Tony created the Saheen character for one of our stories, but I liked him so much I wanted to adopt him and place him in this project. Saheen just fit so well in this world. Tony was thrilled to hear about it and gladly agreed to let me use the character, also offered all her help.

Tony joined the party early November 2020.

There were a few things to set up, before she could fully join the work. I had to organise all my files and ideas in a way another person could read. I'm way too chaotic and all notes and files were all over the place - spread on my computers, my clouds, my discord servers... all over the place.

Bringing Tony in helped me get organised and have a clearer picture of the next step that needs to be taken.

It's easier with a friend and from here we continue together.

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