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First steps in Blender

Blender is a complicated thing - vast and powerful. One can easily get lost in it and the interface can look quite intimidating. My first ever try to create something on my own ended in an amazing mess and a blue screen. Oops. So...

I kept following Grant's tutorials and signed up for his Character Creation course. I followed other tutorials simultaneously and all these people took me by the hand from "How do I do this?" to "Yes, I can do this". I can not express my gratitude to all these people creating educational videos. Thank you.

Even in lockdown, I still had to go to work. Key worker and all, my day job demanded my full attention, but the evening... the evenings were mine. Here are some of my earliest creations.

Following tutorials by the word.

And some from when I felt confident enough to let go of my tutors' hand.

So far, I have only scraped the surface of what Blender can do. But I'm learning. Fast. And I'm not forgetting my final goal to animate Ash And The Omen.

Time taken before my very first success (without a tutorial) - 3 weeks.

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