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Animated Film - Ash And The Omen - A lonely blackguard strives to prove himself to his mistress - an evil Sorceress, but he meets a group of misfits and fits right in. Now he has to decide whether to continue on his path of power or protect his new friends.


It started with a fun script I wrote and I thought it would work really well as an animated film. It's too short to be called a feature but too long to fit in a short film category. Later on, I decided to split it in short episodes. 

You can check the progress right here on this site! 

Why do I need your support: 

Although Blender itself is free and I have the computer power (somewhat) to make the film, a lot of the addons to make the process faster and the result more eye-pleasing are paid for and they are not cheap. 

I'd also like to pay the voice actors, and for music licensing and I'd need to pay for advertising and distribution (eventually). 

All donations will be used to make the films better and will be accounted for. 
I've planned 8 Episodes, 9 to 10 minutes each. 

Become part of the creative magic and help us make this series as best as it can be.  

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